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P&J Corporation

ALL 7 electric fan in 2020

We developed the technology by ourselves. All 7 Portable Fan

The All-New All 7 portable necklace fan coming at you in all directions.

From work to home the All 7 is with you 24/7. Doesn’t matter who you are or what you do just wear this over your shoulders and it will keep your head, neck and back cool at the same time.

  • Semi-permanent available brushless motor (European CE certified)
  • Battery Protection Circuit Mounted – Over-discharge, over-current shut-off (KC-certified)
  • Helps lower body temperature using sensitive neck of temperature.
  • Powerful coolness with straight winds by removing propeller (rotational wind)
  • Low-noise design allows users to use it without much stress in their daily lives


  • ProductALL 7
  • input voltage5V 1A
  • Battery2.000mah
  • MaterialABSresin*고무
  • Size290*200*30 (open state)
    200*190*30 (folded state)
  • Weight 220g
  • Usage timeAbout 3 to 5 hours
  • Charging timeAbout 4 hours
  • Power consumption2.1W
  • Made ofChina
  • SalespersonP&J Corporatio
  • Support070-8911-3313

All 7 Portable Fan Certification

  • BLDC Moder European CE Certificate

    BLDC Moder European CE Certificate

  • Battery KC certificate

    Battery KC certificate

  • ALL7 (finished product) KC certificate

    ALL7 (finished product) KC certificate

  • ALL7 PL Insurance Policy

    ALL7 PL Insurance Policy

All 7 Portable Fan Design registration certificate

  • Design registration certificate
  • Design registration certificate
  • Design registration certificate
  • Design registration certificate
  • Design registration certificate

All 7 is a self-developed idea product by P&J Company
with 1 patent and 5 enrollment of secret design.

All 7 Portable Fan ALL7 MAIN Videos

All 7 Portable Fan Usage

Quarantine Suit
Space Suit
Bee Keeper Suit

All 7 can be used by any one at any time

All 7 Portable Fan A Perfect Gift

For people who work in hot conditions/ kitchen/ outdoors/
A perfect summer gift for anyone to enjoy!

All 7 Portable Fan Wadiz Performance

2020.04.02 : 100% Funded in 1min after opening, currently holds recordfor fastest funded product
2020.05.03 : Finished with 120k (118,097,000 ₩)

All 7 Portable Fan Makuake Performance

2020.04.30 : 110k Raised in 72 hours after opening
2020.05.21 (Close D-7) : : Finished with ~550k (556,824,468.96won)

Currently listed as #1 Most Popular Product on Makuake
2020.05.21 : 871 Commentsregards to this product.

All 7 Portable Fan Videos (English / Chinese)

#ALL7 Wind Strength Test/ Noise Test
#ALL7 Instructional video