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P&J Corporation


Leaping period “New business sector - Launching technology development related to scaffolding scales for bathrooms”

2017 2016

  • Jan 2017.
    • Registered a design related to the foothold scale for the bathroom
  • Nov 2016.
    • Registered two designs related to the foothold scale for the bathroom
  • May 2016.
    • Commenced the development of the foothold scale for the bathroom
  • Feb 2016.
    • Registered a patent for a fastening device which fixes the safety belt automatically

Growth period “Full-scale children's business through the development of technology related to child car seat safety”

2015 2014

  • Nov 2015.
    • Registered a patent for an infant protective device
  • Apr 2015.
    • Buggy seat assisting device
  • Mar 2015.
    • An automatic safety belt pulling buggy seat responding to speed
  • Feb 2015.
    • An automatic safety belt pulling buggy seat responding to speed
  • Sep 2014.
    • Applied for the defensive patent of the same patent
  • Aug 2014.
    • Applied for patents other than the protective gear which protects the body from impact and fragment

Establishment period “Develop diverse technologies to pave the way for new markets”

2013 2011

  • Dec 2013.
    • Applied for international patents from various countries other than PCT
  • Nov 2013.
    • Applied for the control method for the functional bed using gravity
  • Aug 2013.
    • Clinical demonstration of brainwave
      [Consignment Organization: Dongsan Medical Center
      The Object of Experiment Participants: 20~24 y.o., five university students
      Experiment Period: A month of clinical demonstration]
      [ Experiment result: The increase in sleeping hours and an increase in sleep efficiency.]
  • Aug 2013.
    • Attended global sleep exhibition
  • Jun 2013.
    • Opened a store in Lotte department store
    • Contracted an exclusive distributor with Gabo Healthbed
  • Sep 2012.
    • Conducted a clinical demonstration
      [Consignment Organization : Gyeonghee University
      Clinical Demonstration Emcee : Professor, 2 doctors, and 3 research assistants
      Experiment Participants : 11 gajeong elementary school students.
      Experiment Condition: 9 people for the general beds, nine people for the gravity bed.
      Experiment Period: 6 months of clinical demonstration]
      [Experiment result: 24% more growth than the general beds and 24 minutes of sleeping time increase compared to the general beds
  • Aug 2012.
    • Established P&J Bed Ltd.
  • Nov 2011.
    • Applied for a patent for a functional bed and its control method